James Browne: Conservative Councillor, campaigner and parliamentary candidate.

I was born in Cleethorpes (St Hugh's on Princes Road) & grew up in Grimsby where my parents lived all their lives.  My father, Chester Browne, was a family solicitor in Grimsby for 40 years and I still have cousins in Covenham.  I value family life and honest hard work above all else. 

As a successful member of the property Bar I have built my professional career on arguing tough cases for my clients - just like good MPs do.  I have never worked inside the "Westminster bubble" and bring with me my life experience from a career outside politics and my professional skills as an advocate to represent you effectively in Parliament.

As a serving local councillor for the past 6 years, and the Council's Cabinet member for Housing I have directly lobbied all 3 Conservative housing ministers to defend the Green Belt.  I drafted a parliamentary bill to help people resolve their boundary disputes without litigation which will be brought before Parliament again in the next session - to the horror of my own profession.  As a party of Government we must give taxpayers value for money and provide good public services.

1.     Professional experience from a career outside politics

  • As a property lawyer I have a track record of representing the victims of anti-social behaviour – confronting those who make their neighbours’ lives a misery. I have also stood up for tenants in flats with mould dripping off the walls and forced their landlords to repair their homes.

  • I help small businessmen protect their livelihood by renewing their leases.

·       First class degree - Birmingham University & Master’s degree - Oxford University.

  1. Commitment to the Conservative Party through the “tough” years in opposition

James Browne is a tough campaigner and would make a great MP” – Greg Hands, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, MP for Hammersmith & Fulham



I was Chairman of Hammersmith & Fulham when we selected Greg Hands.  We sorted out the association's finances, put in place a strategy to take the Parliamentary seat and then the local council. It took hard work over several years to build a winning team.

  • As the Conservative candidate for Don Valley in South Yorkshire (2001) I obtained a 4% swing to the Conservatives against a 1% national swing.

·       Advised shadow ministers during the opposition years with draft amendments to legislation through the Society of Conservative Lawyers, making up for the lack of civil service support to opposition parties - from 1995-2005.  This involved being part of a panel that was on call and available to the shadow Cabinet.